7 Ways To Journal

Sometimes starting to journal can be rough and it can be difficult to know just where to start. Even though there is no right or wrong way to journal I wanted to give y'all some different ways that I have journaled and encourage you to try these out and see if any of them inspire you! Praying for y'all as you start your journey seeking for truth and answers.

1. “Hey God”

Write about your day. Just talk to God like you would your friend. Fill Him in. Tell Him what’s been on your mind.

2. The Anxiety Dump.

Dump out absolutely everything that’s worries about write out everything let it all out and surrender it to God. Just putting it all on paper clears your mind.

3. Say Thanks Dude.

Write out Seven things that you’re grateful for even if it’s as simple as a friend or the pancakes you at for breakfast or the sunset. Taking the time to notice the good things in your life is life changing. God is always blessing and working we just don’t always take the time to notice it. This is especially helpful during hard times or rough seasons in your life.

4. Bible Journaling

Journaling while reading your Bible can change your devotional Game. Pick a chapter from the Bible and respond to it in your journal. Think about what your reading, what it means to you, and how you can apply it to your life. Write your doubts. Don’t be afraid to challenge God. He’s big enough to handle every challenge to handle EVERY challenge, doubt, or disappointment that you face. Question Him. Search for truth. (A good place to start is Romans or Psalms)

5. Dream Big

Goal set. Yo write it down. Pray for God to give you dreams and talents and opportunities you can use to glorify Him. In everything you do learn to give glory to God. 1st corinthians 10:31 . Rely on God to accomplish anything. You can’t do it on your own.

6. Others Centered

Make a list of names that pop into your head write them down and ask God to be with them. Take it a step further, take the time and reach out to the people you’re praying for and ask them how they are doing. Send them a song or verse or anything that has been inspiring you recently or ask them what you can pray for them for. Take the time to connect with them !! Sometimes just knowing that you care is enough to change someones life.

7. Scribble. Draw. Be creative. Just try it.

Let me know if any of these ways connect with you, and tag me on social media if you share any of them! Love y'all and praying God blesses your journeys and your time with Him!

Love, Nat.

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