From Sunrise to Sunset God is Faithful

So at the start of this year I made it a goal to read as many books this year as possible.

So far I have held accountable to setting aside time to read, reflect, and just saturate myself with truth, and honestly building this habit has shifted my perspective in life in so many different ways.

Currently, I am reading this book by Jen Wilkins called in His image (highly recommend reading btw) and got inspired to write this post.

Have you ever though about the rhythm of nature? How the cycle continues with no exception, and how you'll never stop to question if the sun will set or rise again, and even how in the darkest night sunrise never fails to come again in the morning? 

The very rhythm of nature reflects God's faithfulness.

Just like there is no doubt that sunset and sunrise will come again, there is no question that the King of Heaven is true to His Word and that He is faithful to do what He says He will do. Every breath that you breath without thinking reflects His faithfulness. His faithful hand is in everything. 

Unlike our ever changing and evolving world our God is predictable.

He doesn't leave. He is faithful. Always, without exception, He is loving. Without a single exception, He is good. Without exception, God is just. And without exception, He is worthy of our praise and our whole lives.

It is so easy to look at the believers in the past and think that it was easy for those who walked with Jesus to believe in Him. But I want to argue that believers of old could say the same of use today. In our modern day society we have more access to truth at our finger tips than ever before. We have Bibles at every corner, speakers open about faith, books, and more Bibles in stores, at home, on our phones, and get this, NO ONE is banning us from seeking truth and growing faith. At this moment in time, we have all the access to knowledge and truth and faith is free.... and yet we don’t even realize its value.

We not longer see knowing the truth as important.

We fail to recognize what a gift it is to have all the access and instructions on how to live the most fulfilling life in our hands. Every page of God's word having the power to fill our lives with the heaven inspired words bringing hope and fulfillment into the ordinary days and mundane moments.

“Every Bible, from the dog eared to the disregarded, is whispering, ‘Remember.’ Remember the God who remembers you.” (Jen Wilkins)

Literally even the Bible is a constant reminder of His faithfulness to us. He's never forgotten us. Even when we've forgot and abandoned Him, He gave us a way for us to know Him.

He has never left. In the hard times, He has held you together. No matter what you've walked through, you are here now. Every circumstance you have endured has worked to bring you to this moment pointing you back to Him. Every moment of your life was ordained and blessed far before you ever came into existence. Even in tragedy He’s faithful to stand by you.  Hebrews 13:5 "Never will I leave you or forsake you."

As Jen Wilkins states it, "He is the solid rock in the storms of life, the sure foundation.”

This world is not the end. Declare it. Believe it. Live it. Read it.

Spending time in the pages of the word is a privilege and a gift. So why do we take it for granted while we have access to the light that can draw us out of our darkness.

Nothing satisfies but Jesus.

Honestly this is just a loving reminder to myself that nothing in this world is worth our time but the difference we can make for the kingdom and what draws us closer to Jesus. At the end of my life only the things I did for Christ will truly matter. Christ who has been so faithful to me.

I challenge you to join me in with all our hearts putting effort in being faithful to Him the way that He has always been so faithful to us.

Im gonna end with this powerful paragraph from the Jen Wilkin’s In His Image.

“When we spend time in the Bible our lives began to bear witness to its faithful message. WE ourselves become stones of remembrance for those around us, giving faithful testimony that God is worthy of our trust, no matter what.”


P.S. What’s been distorting the view of the word lately? What can you do to prioritize your time with Christ first in your life today? Do you have any favorite ways to study the Bible? How have you lost sight of God's faithfulness in your life? Let me know I would be so happy to hear :)

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