honestly you can stop trying, you don’t have to win

L I B E R A T I O N :

We live in a society of try hards.

We have all grown up having been told to follow our dreams, subconsciously encouraged to be the skinniest, the prettiest, the smartest, the most talented, the richest, the most athletic, as if gaining one of those things that we are "lacking" would make all our insecurities and problems disappear. We believe these lies as if, if we somehow manage to climb higher on the social latter we will somehow increase our value and consequently the quality of our life. We all live with this pressure of having to "win at life". But I want to throw a crazy concept out here, what if you could stop trying? What if you don't have to win?

Naturally, I am a goal chaser, a natural born dreamer. I am motivated and driven in striving for success. I long to reach a certain image, to embody greatness, to find whatever people desire and to try and be it. Being a natural wired goal chaser can sometimes suck. It is a cycle of constantly trying to reach something and never arriving anywhere, of setting unrealistic expectations on myself, my athleticism, my beauty, skin, body, grades, achievements, you name it and constantly worrying about my failures; it’s draining.

Our innate fear of failure chokes us.

The truth is , we are all afraid of losing.

But here’s the crazy thing. When we encounter Christ and decide to shape our world view in accordance to His, we no longer have to strive to be anything, worry about anything, or try to accomplish absolutely anything.

We don’t have to be enough or measure up to any standard whatsoever... because Christ already has done it for us.

You see, trying to fit our unique selves in the one size fits all mold of the world is exhausting. Trying to reach social standards and "fit in" becomes boring and it drains the joy out of our lives. I can attest to that first hand. Because no matter what we do, the truth is we will absolutely never ever ever be enough. That’s why the prettiest, richest, most successful people on the planet are so unhappy. That’s why suicide rates are so high. People are tired of trying and never measuring up and never being enough, of chasing for success and still coming out empty.

So when we give our lives to Christ, it’s liberating.

Our story is no longer about us.

It’s no longer our successes or our failures that define us.

It's not our money.

It's not our good deeds.

It's not our effort.

What defines you is that there is a creator, who took the time to create you. And he saw you valuable enough to give His own life up to die for you.

It’s a shift of mindset. From me to God.

Thank God I don’t matter in the story, I'm irrelevant. I'm just a vessel; a vine, He is the branch. I don’t have to find inspiration, motivation, success, salvation on my own.

He already has everything I've been searching for for so long.

God doesn’t need you to try harder. He just wants to you rest in His love knowing that He already is more than enough to cover your gaps.

Stop trying to win a battle He already won, and stop trying to fill shoes you were never created to fill.

You don’t have to win.

I love the way Brant Hansen put it in His book unoffendable (highly recommend the read btw)

“Im not winning or losing because Im not even playing that game anymore. Im off the board. Jesus is giving us a completely different way to live, and its one that sets us free from anger, free from ever-present guilt, free to really love people, free from constant anxiety, and free to get a good nights sleep.”

Christ set you free.

So what are you doing still wearing those shackles?


p.s go read these!

Matthew 11:28-30

Psalms 127:2

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