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Updated: Feb 13, 2020


With the New Year right around the corner, I feel like goal setting is the perfect thing to talk about.

Did you know that less than three percent of Americans have written goals? Most people don't even bother to set goals because they have a mindset of "what's the point if it is not going to last, it is just a waste of time".

Without goal setting, personal growth is impossible, and without personal growth, life is simply a cycle. But, how to you get to the end of the year and not fail to achieve your goals?

Achieving goals requires consistency.

Unfortunately, we often believe consistency is an impossible thing.

In a culture of instant everything, pushing past failure to establish change seems like a ridiculous feat.

We try diets and fail as soon as we cave in to our cravings and completely give up on the goal.

We give up on good habits because of little mistakes or our lack of motivation.

We quit right before we see results because we don't receive immediate gratification.

But here is the thing that I have learned about consistency. It might be hard to achieve alone, but with God's power on your side, building a lifestyle that honors Him becomes something achievable. Even the toughest of chains that bind you can be broken with Him.

Tips for generating lifestyle change.

Know what motivates you and surround yourself with those things.

Here are a list of 10 things that motivate me:

(note: every person and their needs are unique but these are some ideas)

1. Taking time for a good devotional

2. Good conversations

3. Good/uplifting music

4. Reading good books on lifestyle

5. Watching people I admire on Youtube/ things that feed my soul (Sadie Robinson, Steven Furtick, etc.)

6. Eating a healthy meal

7. Journaling my experiences

8. Unplugging from my phone to try something new instead

9. Exercising or spending time in nature

10. Doing something good for someone else

I have also come to realize there are stuff in life that we may "enjoy" but tends to drag us down. Maybe it looks like a toxic relationship or music/media that is feeding you lies or a message that makes you sulk in your feelings instead of moving forward.

Maybe this year your goals need to consist less of building new habits and more of eliminating old ones.

6 Toxic distractors to eliminate from your life.

1. Music/Books that are feeding you toxic messages

2. People that push you away from becoming the best version of yourself

3. TV. It is almost always a waste of time. Why waste your life watching someone else's when you could be creating your own stories and adventures?

4. Regular consumption of junk food and sedentary habits

5. Bad sleeping schedules

6. Actual toxins and addictions (whether it be drugs, your phone, alcohol. Anything that controls you verses you controlling it.)

And remember, failure is not fatal.

I see a true growth journey as three steps forward and one step back.

Don't let you’re one step back become the reason you quit.

When you fall, instead of beating yourself up for what you can't change, create a plan of action for the future. Find out what boundaries you can set up to avoid the same backwards steps.

Ideas for boundaries you can set up to avoid continual failure.

Find out when and when you are most tempted and avoid that.

ie. if your goal is to eat healthy and you tend to break your goals when you go to McDonalds stay clear of McDonalds. If you fail don't quit. Reboot and use your failure to set up new boundaries.

- if your goal is to sleep earlier and your phone keeps you from that goal, turn your phone off and put it in a specific place at 9:30 every night

- if your goal is to run everyday and it is just hard to stay motivated, put the shoes and your running outfit by the bed and do it first thing in the morning

- if your goal is to get better grades but certain people distract you, set boundaries by setting aside specific time and communicate that you are going to dedicate it to studying alone at the library

These are all just little ideas I use to help me avoid quitting my goals after a setback.

When you fail, don't be afraid or beat yourself up over that failure. It can actually be the very thing that sets you up for future success.

I have applied these simple basic skills to countless areas of my life and watched it propel me towards reaching my goals, and I wholeheartedly believe you can too!!!

To achieve anything or grow in any way it takes intentionality.

No growth or personal development comes by accident. Don’t let your mistakes change your positive direction of movement. Find and invest into habits that inspire and motivate you, and last but not least tap into the HIGHER POWER source that you have free and gracious undeserving access to. It is a valuable gift to be alive so don't waste your life.

1st Corinthians 10:31 So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do do it all for the glory of God.

Eccelesiastes 9:10 Whatever your hands find to do do it with all your might.

Let me know how your goal setting goes, I want to hear about your progress!

- nat :)

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