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Hi my name is Nat. As I write this I am 17 launching my lifestyle brand L I V E I N S P I R E D l o v e h a r d e r. A couple years back I made the decision that I would not allow myself to live a complacent life; that I was going to dream big and fight for the highest quality life I could live. In my short span of life I have discovered this simple truth is this; a high quality life has so much more to do than achieving popularity or worldly approval and satisfaction. To live a quality life means to live a life that is fulfilled,

a life with purpose and vision. But let's be honest more often than not we sit uninspired, dissatisfied and unsure of where to start to make the most of the life we are given. I have found personally that when I spend time with Christ I cannot help but live inspired. I no longer have to strive to "be anything" to accomplish anything or inspire myself to do anything because it is HIS inspired spirit dwelling in me and overflowing out of me inspiring every aspect of my life and reviving everything that my hands touch. If anything I hope to inspire you through this site to just keep on searching. Don't stop. Even if the answers you find look different than mine. Just keep searching and keep sharing. Fill your life with the things that inspire you and let the love that you find just pour out onto everything around you.

For me personally live inspired love harder symbolizes a movement, a revolution. It is a means for us to band together as people in a society that loves to quit and decide to persevere. It is a journey to self growth in complete reliance to the mastermind behind our lives. It is a chance for YOU to realize that you were placed here with a unique purpose, plan, and calling to impact people and lives that only YOU can impact. To rediscover your joy for life and appreciate the daily blessings to the fullest. Regardless of whether that be through journaling, fitness, health, or community, your journey to a better and more fulfilled life starts now. Let's live bold as the people God created us to be. And regardless of whether or not we feel like it wake up and seek God daily. When we spend time with God we can't help but live inspired. And when we're living a life inspired, we can't help but love harder. Love God. Love others. Love who we are in God. Love strangers. Love our neighbors. Love our enemies. Live inspired. Love Harder. #liveinspiredloveharder

So start your journey today. Buy a journal and dig deep into your emotions and time in the word. Seek for truth, get inspired, and stay inspired.

- nat


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