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Barcelona : live inspired write inspired

Barcelona : live inspired write inspired


Inspired by Romans 8:28, this journal is a source of hope designed to remind you of truth on hard days. "And we know that ALL things work together for the good of those who love God." A great conversation starter and reminder day in and day out of our call to endurance because the lows are gonna hit, that's no question. The real question is, are you gonna be ready to hold on and know that life gets better when they do? Will you remeber that even every disaster is working for your benifit? (photo taken in Barcelona, Spain)


These 6x4 journals are the absolute perfect size for traveling and use on the go or just at home. 100 pages.


I hope this journal symbolizes the start of your journey to growth and revival. No matter what stage or season you're sitting in, journaling can be one of the greatest ways to bring clarity to your head space, to capture those creative thoughts, or to share and record the day to day memories and to dream up the goals that you're gonna crush in the next big chapter of your life. 




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